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  • Representative
    Creative Director/
    Experience Designer

    Joined ADK after graduated from Osaka University. Fujimoto oversaw the total direction of large-scale integrated campaigns and launches for large brand campaigns. In 2005, participated as a planner for the launch of “Drill”. In 2017, participated in the launch of “1-10imagine” as a board member, and has worked on new approaches with the latest technology: advertising creative, experience design, and numerous services. He won many prizes, such as Cannes Lions, ADFEST, TIAA and so on.

  • Creative Director/
    Communication Designer

    After graduating from Waseda University, Ueda started working as a scenario writer / script doctor. Then worked at a TV production company, in charge of digital PR content and TV program production. After joining ADK in 2015, he has been utilizing wide range of creative experiences to create new solutions regardless of methods / medias such as videos, events, SNS campaigns, and installations. The main prizes he won are ADFEST /SPIKES ASIA/JPM Gold etc.

  • Creative Director/
    Creative Technologist

    Sadaka went to Waseda University and then moved to London. After moved back to Japan, he worked as an engineer at the Rakuten Big Data Department. Joined ADK in 2013. Exploring new forms of communication across the literature, from experience design using sensing technology, consulting and PR support for startups and basic research organizations, TVC, outdoor advertising. The main prizes he won are ACC Grand Prix/D&AD Future Impact Pencil/AD STARS Gold/JPM Grand Prix etc.

  • Planner/
    Intermedia Designer

    Completed the Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts. After studying music / art - especially sound / media art, Nishida worked as a graphic designer for 5 years then moved herself to a planner position. Based on her interest in human’s five senses, she travels borderless in the world of art, music, and design in a broad sense, emphasizing carefully facing things that are difficult to verbalize.

  • Technical Director

    Established creative office enexc & Co. In 2007. Through space production in the music scene, Sato has been experimenting with new forms of space production without being bound by conventional methods. Worked on projects such as R & D, Future Vision Making, and Prototypes that utilize new technologies from “design thinking”. He builds a valuable brand experience that goes beyond just providing solutions in various industries.

  • Planner /
    Experience Designer

    Joined ADK after graduated from Ritsumeikan University. Tanahashi pursues integrated planning among TVC, SNS campaigns, outdoor advertising, events, PR, and so on, day after day, providing communications and aiming to make the general public cheering for brands. He won Dentsu Advertising Awards, JPM, etc. Lurking on Twitter is his thing.

Mitsubishi Estate Company

Video installation for the entrance

Designed the reception space at the entrance of MEC’s new company building, with a huge LED screen installed to show contents built with three parts.

Globe part:
Real-time display of data in major cities around the world such as time, temperature, and humidity.

Emotion map part:
Real-time display of emotions of people living in major cities. The system collects real-time data from Twitter and express it on five emotion maps of joy, anger, sorrow, happiness, and love.

3D city part:
Represent a fictitious city with 3D graphics, then various data related to the“ town” is shown in an infographic way.

23-1 Toranomon 1 cho-me, Minatoku, Tokyo 105-6312, Japan

23-1 Toranomon 1 cho-me, Minatoku, Tokyo 105-6312, Japan